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Dragonball Z The Works


Goku is the hero of Dragonball Z. He is a peaceful, good-natured, honest, trusting, and protective soul. He is also the most powerful warrior on Earth and the first to become a Super Saiyan in over 2000 years. Having awesome skills and strengthened his spirit to a level never achieved by any being on Earth, Goku happens to come in at just the right time in almost every battle. Goku hasn't learned these skills just for fun, his life is forced down this path as he battles the evil of the Universe to protect all of his buddies. He is Saiyan formerly known as Kakarot who was sent to Earth as a baby with the mission to conquer the planet. Luckily for Earth a near fatal head injury "scrambles" his programming and instead of becoming a destructive super-warrior he becomes an innocent pure-of-heart defender of Earth. Goku was raised by a peaceful, wise old man named Gohan, after whom Goku later names his first son. Goku is always there to help his family and friends and he is very protective of them. If he has a weakness, it is his trusting nature. Goku has many powerful fighting techniques. He learns many many more on the way of being the strongest creature in the Universe reaching unbelievable levels of power. Goku has two children named Gohan and Goten.


Gohan, is Goku and Chi-Chi's first son, was named after his adoptive grandfather. Physically, he resembles a young Goku right down to the tail and the ability to become an uncontrollable raging Giant Monkey(Oozaroo), while spiritually, he is good and pure of heart as well. Because of his protective mother, Gohan starts out as a crybaby wimp, but when the Earth is threatened, he reveals his tremendous hidden potential as a fighter. Because of this he is forced into training in preparation for the arrival of the Saiyans. Gohan's training is at the hands of Piccolo because his father is learning the fighting expertise of King Kai. Piccolo and Gohan develop a special bond, which causes Piccolo to step in front of Nappa's mighty blast to save Gohan's life. Gohan's loss of nerve in the battle against the Saiyans cost all his friends dearly. But he is determined to make up for his cowardice by traveling to the planet Namek to find the Namekian Dragon Balls and wish his friends back to life. Gohan's tremendous power is accounted for by the incredible mix between Earthling and Saiyan, which produces an even stronger being than either Human or Saiyan alone. Gohan shows his full power only when he is pushed to his limit of anger then lets it all out on his opponent. Gohan becomes a nerd and never reaches his full potential because of Chi Chi but he might of became the strongest if it weren't for her, but he never feels the same way about fighting as his dad.


Goku's onetime arch enemy, Piccolo is the strongest Namekian in the Universe. He wears an extremely heavy cape as constant training for his muscles. He is renowned for his powerful energy blasts as well as his ability to split into two or four separate entities. Green like a lizard, Piccolo has the ability to regenerate any limbs that he may lose in battle. This comes in handy more than once. Piccolo is a native of the planet Namek. He was reborn from an older, evil Piccolo, who in his last moments of life spat out an egg, which then hatched into this "new" Piccolo. He starts out fighting against Goku to rule the world, but when the Saiyans arrive Piccolo is forced to join forces with Goku and the others to defeat a greater more powerful evil. At first the alliance with Goku is uneasy, but as the story unfolds, their bond becomes stronger. Piccolo even steps in to train Goku's son Gohan for the upcoming battle against the Saiyans and before the Androids. Piccolo is confused by the bond he sees with Gohan and by his own actions. Is he training an opponent who is stronger than him, and why does he risk his life to save Gohan's? Gohan sees the good within Piccolo and their relationship brings this good out of Piccolo. In the showdown with Vegeta and Nappa, Piccolo saves Gohan's life by jumping in front of an energy blast targeted at Gohan, but that isn't the only time. At one time he is the strongest out of the Z team, but only for a short time because he merges with Kami and Nail earlier in the seriese.


Krillin, is and has been Goku?est friend since they were about 12 or so, later he becomes more of Gohan?est friend. He is about 4?mp;quot; and was born 736A.D. He was trained under Kamesennins and aways hangs out there. He is the strongest Earthling on the planet. He has a unique fighting style by using many kicks and an attack called the Dustructo Disc. (a round blade that can cut through almost anything.) When ever Krillin gets into a fight with someone stronger than him he usealy some how ends up skidding on his head. Earlier in Dragon Ball he is a perverted coward but later in Dragon Ball Z he is kind and a coward. Krillin uses Shenlong (Eturnal Dragon) to wish Android number 18 to become human and then he marries her in 770A.D. and has a child in 771A.D. named Marron.( Just like a girl he dated in the Garlic Saga named Maron.)


Bulma has been around from the beginning. In Dragon Ball, she was a mixed up teenager with blue hair, a pink outfit, and a personality quirk that wouldn't allow her to shut up for a second. She was immature, emotional,
self-centered, impatient, argumentative, boy-crazy and given to fits of hysteria. Now, she's blossomed into a woman with a lot of the same personality quirks, but the team would never get along with out her. Bulma is a mechanical genius who can operate and fix anything. She isn't a fighter, but she does save the day once or twice. Bulma ends up with Vegeta and they have two children Trunks and Bra.

Chi Chi

Chi Chi, is Goku's wife and Gohan's bossy mom that thinks his studding is much more important than saving the Earth from the forces of evil. She cooks, cleans, worries, and sleep(maybe) She is pretty strong because she qualified for the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament. She doesn't like fighting, but she once took out all her anger on Gohan's tutor because he kept insulting Goku while he was gone.


Tenshinhan is Goku's buddy from the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai. Tien beats Goku then, but just like the many others that try to keep up with Goku get surpassed. Tien has a third eye in the middle of this forehead and his best friend is a paintcovered short midget named Chousu who he trains with. Tien fights very little toward the end of the series.(that?etter than some of the Z team like Krillin and Yamcha that don't even fight)


Puar is a cat like creature able to fly ad shape shift for a short while. Puar is a girl you can find that out in on of the episodes where Goku fights Nappa. Puar leaned to shape shift in shape shifting school where Puar met a shape shifting pig. Puar propubly went to this school before Dragon Ball. Yamcha met Puar at 747a.d. I have no clue when Puar was born. So Yamcha and Paur became Desert Bandants( really just Yamch). That is where Goku meets Yamcha the Desert Bandant, and the fight, but surprisingly goku looses, but only cus of hunger. (they fight later and call it a draw.) So later that year, Yamcha and puar go on the quest for the Dragon Balls. The never get the balls, but Yamcha gets his wish. He gets a girl that will date him named Bulma. To bad it never works out. So in the next forty years she almost does nothing but cheer for the z fighters.

Mr. Sattan

Mr. Sattan is a man who is very strong for a regular human. But he is full of bull. All he does is get people to help him win or just set up something. I really don?ike him. But of course with out Sattan we would never have the wife of Gohan Mother of Pan and this person is Videl. Mr. Sattan did turn Buu good for sometime but just used him in that time. The reason Sattan wins the Tenkachi Budokai?s he has Buu beat up on his opponents right before a match. He also is a pretty brave man facing men 1,000,000 times his normal strength. He kicked Cell and that just happened to be the only footage from the fight against Cell. And of course tha almighty Sattan took credit for it.He has city named after him cause of his so called "fame". The only thing good about Sattan is he is THE luckiest man to ever set foot on the planet earth!!!

This being the Earth Dragon God, was created by Piccolo's good half (Kami Sama - God). Piccolo came from the Namek family who conceived the original Dragon (Porunga), so, when he came to Earth as a child (due to terrible weather problems in Namek, Piccolo was sent by his parents), he had the urge to create a similar dragon (he did not do this consciously, for he had no memory of his planet). In the beginning of dragonball we are told that once, a long time ago, there was no Dragonballs, you just needed to ask your wish to the Dragon, who would sit at a palace, but due to Man's greed and violence, God decided to conceive a way that only the most worthy could have their wishes granted, so he created the Dragonballs, which would be dispersed all around the Globe, making it difficult to gather all of them (especially without a Dragonball Radar, which was first constructed by Bulma). Shenlong, appears, when all the Dragonballs are united and the words "Ide yo, Doragon!" (Come out Dragon) are said, after a big "light show" the dragon comes out and grants the first wish asked of him (no matter, who says it). Though, being said in the beginning of the series that all your wishes could be fulfilled, the Dragon one limitation (besides only giving one wish!) he can't grant the same wish twice; this is a bit of a problem (especially in the second series), as deaths are common among the heroes, and nobody could be revived. Despite of some stranger requests (like the first time the dragonballs were gathered, where Oolong asked for some panties), in general, the more frequent requests are Immortality (normally the request of villains) and bring back people to life. The power of the dragon relies on the power of it's creator (this seems a bit of a problem, because if so, why can't Piccolo bring back people to life ? - the Dragon seems to be a parallel manifestation of his own power; example: a man can create a Formula 1 car, but he, himself cannot run at 300Km/h ) and if the creator dies the dragon dies too (making the death of Piccolo a problem). During the Cell Saga, Piccolo and Kami Sama finally fuse (this being a Namek only fuse) in order to fight Cell; so a new God is needed, and Dende is the chosen one; after some time in the job he decides to give the a power up, making him able to grant 3 wishes.

The Original Dragon, created by Saichouro (after Saichouro died, of natural causes, the role of "dragon keeper" was given to Muri - a Namek elder). Porunga is quite different from ShenLong, being also a lot bigger, his first appearance was due to the death of Shenlong (SonGokuu's friends and Piccolo fought Nappa and Vejiita. During that fight Piccolo was killed while trying to save Gohan's life - with Piccolo dead Shenlong ceases to exist), after the fight against Vejiita there was the need to revive their friends, so they left to Namek. To call this Dragon instead of "Id yo Doragon" (calling the dragon in Japanese), you have to say :"Takkarato Popporunga Pupirittoparo" (which in case you didn't notice isn't Japanese but Namekian). This dragon has the special characteristic of granting three wishes and is also able to grant the same wish more than once; though this the Dragon has a major handicap, he can't bring a large number of people back to life. At the end of Dragonball Z (or simply Dragonball in the manga), Porunga was given a power up, making him able of reviving a large number of people.


Oolong is a pig that can shape change into anything for the short time of five minutes. He learned this technique at a school where he first met Puar, even their he terrorized the little cat for lunch money. He took his first role in Dragonball as a shape changer who stole little girls from a town and terrorized that town until our hero Gokou came long. He instantly found that the huge monster wasn?s strong as everyone thought. He found that he was really just a normal pig. He soon joined Gokou and again met Puar which he got his whoopin from Puar?riend Yamcha. He then got away with just sitting around with Bulma or Master Roshi and cheering on Gokou and the rest of the Z fighters. He is pretty mean in Dragonball but formed into a nicer pig in Dragonball Z.


Nappa is a Sayain born on the planet Vegeta as a Sayain Elite. His partner was Vegeta until one day Nappa started going crazy over a fight he was losing. Vegeta must have been tired of his baby like ways ans decided to blow him to smitherines. Nappa is bald in Dragonball Z but he did have hair in the Bardock special. The only other time you see Nappa is in Dragonball GT where he is brought back to life but then again killed by the all powerful Vegeta.


Vegeta is born as a Sayain prince in 732. Vegeta comes into the story when he when he comes to earth to find the Dragonballs and wants imortality so he can defeat Freiza. He is defeated by Gohan, Krillin, and Gokou (mainly). Vegeta escapes Earth and goes to Namek and after a long Dragonball search he is defeated and killed by Freiza. He gets wished back shortly later, and kinda sorta he is on the Z Team. He trains in 300x Earth gravity and still cant become a Super Sayain. Vegeta finally thinks he is stronger than Goku and for a short while he is while Goku is sick with a heart deise. He defeats Android nimber 19, but loses to number 18. Vegeta soon finds out that he has a child named Trunks. Bulma is the Mother. Vegeta and Bulma get together between 764 and 766A.D. Later they have another kid named Bra (this time a dauter) Next Vegeta is overpasted by Goku?ower (again) and can never quite keep up with Goku. He is the 2nd or 3rd to go Super Saiyin. Vegeta dies again by self-destrucking tring to finish off Buu. Vegeta gets wished back again and goes strait to Super Saiyin 4 and Golden Oozaroo. All and all he is the second strongest in Dragon Ball Z and also Dragon Ball Grand Tour (gt).